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Services of Host SH

Development of websites and portals for Web

The Team SacraHome specializes in developing and implementing websites, with the use of Open Source platforms for developing customized solutions in a wide range of areas applied to the needs of the customer and goals to be achieved.

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Overview (websites and web portals)

  • fully dynamic site language developed with PHP and MySQL database
  • Control Panel site , system that performs the management of content, thereby facilitating the publication, administration and organization of this wealth of information.
  • It the administration of all the information the website , as materials, articles, photos, control of users, forum for discussions, access controls, comments, polls, and archives in general, beyond categories and the actual database, which can be given internally to the system.
  • Content Management Systems are effective ways to organize information, the system is highly configurable, the administrator can enable and disable various features and make various settings that change the look and feel of it, well to carry out new specific implementations. It has a system of privileges that makes it possible to create different types of users, with different levels of access and internal administration, for example, visitors, members, staff, partners, publishers, among others.
  • Among the main features offered are: content management, management of users, generators, electronic forms, forums for discussions, clean URLs, and aggregator of news content (RSS), bulletin of stories (mailing), events, publishers of online texts, managing categories, tracking the activities and general users, comments, history of changes, sending files, articles, use of cache, profiles of users, search complete by the system, management of links, complete statistical site, managing contacts, surveys, list of members, in summary formats RSS and RDF, configurable menus, moderation of content, administration block, among others.

    • Hosting of websites
    • Creation of websites
    • creation of systems and software for web
    • Development for corporate intranet
    • Creation of Mini-Sites
    • Maintenance of websites and / or portals
    • Recast of websites and/or portals
    • Publication of websites
    • Register in search engines
    • Creation of CD-card
    • positioning in search engines
    • Creating campaigns electronic (digital banners and ads)
    • polls and surveys to their company or events

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Differential Services SacraHome:

  • Speed: built with what is best in open technologies, administrators and users of your site see agility in the use of the system;
  • Control: team can manage their shared directories of images, videos and files. Permissions for groups of editing and publication of materials offer complete control over the flow of work. You can determine different levels of access to the internal control panel of your website.
  • Simplicity: manage users and groups and organize your site through a simple interface for administration, agile and intuitive;
  • Extensibility: you can build sites from simple, even portals with thousands of pages;
  • Affordability: plans offer very accessible and combined the form of payment, according to their needs.

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